Last updated
February 20 2021

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes the information that BestRoute collects when you use the app and how we make use of it. We aim to be fully transparent about our collection and use of your data: if you have any questions after reading this document or believe we should add more clarification then please get in touch with us via


Our apps do not store any uniquely identifiable information about you.

None of your information is transmitted or stored on our servers or to third parties other than as described below.


We use the Google AdMob service to provide advertising to users who choose not to take out a subscription.

AdMob uses a unique advertising id to serve personalized ads based on the your interests (which includes collecting and analyzing user data, including current location). Information about how to control the advertising that is shown to you can be found here.

We do not capture or record any information sent to AdMob, including your current location.


If you choose to subscribe you will need to sign in to the app with a Google or Apple ID: we then keep a record of only your email address so that your subscription can be automatically activated on any other devices you can use.

Please note that subscriptions purchased through the app are for a single user only.

Cloud Storage

We do not currently keep a backup of your route data in a secure cloud storage.
Contact Information You have the option to give permission to the app to give access to the contact information on your phone. We use this to enable searching of contacts with postal addresses.
When you add an address to a route in this way the name and address are only used for your informational purposes: we do not store or “harvest” this information for any other use.

Further information

If you would like further clarification or information about our privacy policy please contact us at